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The Magic of Mirrors-It's not an Illusion!

Infuse instant style and interest to your space by adding a mirror! Mirrors are a great decorating tool, not only for the aesthetic value that they bring to rooms, but the for the functional value as well.

Mirrors have the ability to increase natural light and make your space feel larger. Below are some of my favourite mirror styles at the moment. Whether it's a full length floor mirror, or a smaller style wall mirror, it's difficult to go wrong by adding one to your space!

Shop the Look

Adding a mirror to a space is one of the easiest decorating moves you can make that will have an immediate impact on the appearance and feeling of your space. If you feel a bit lost on selecting the right weight, frame design, and location/positioning of mirrors in your space, I can help! Do not hesitate to reach out to Bliss Home Interiors. You can send any questions via email to or reach out on Instagram to connect, I would love to hear from you!

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