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High vs Low Challenge Reveal!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the High vs Low challenge! The guesses were interesting with the majority of my Facebook followers picking Room #1 as High, and Room #2 as Low. On the flipside, the majority of my Instagram followers picked room #2 as High and Room #1 as Low.

For the big reveal...

If you choose Room #1 as the higher end room, you are correct! Coming in with a whopping price tag of approximately $26,000 (prices were rounded), it blew Room#2 out of the water as far as price tags go, with Room #2 coming in at approximately $12,000.

With that said, you can most definitely get the "look for less", but in many cases the higher end options feature pricier base materials, and sometimes (but not always) superior craftsmanship. Sometimes you really are simply paying for the brand/label.

My best advice is to invest on the items that you will have for the long term (i.e. large furniture) and balance out those costs with less expensive accent and smaller furniture items (i.e. textiles and décor). In my experience, carefully balancing high or mid-range priced items with the lower priced items, can gives a general perception that the entire space is high-end. Don't be afraid to mix and match and play with your space a little!

If you need help with selecting paint colours, home décor items, and/or accessorizing your space, I can help! You can contact me here, email me at or reach out on Instagram to connect - I would love to hear from you and share more about my services!


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