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Deconstructing an Efficient Work Space

Many of us work from home these days, and even if you don’t work from home it can still be nice to have a designated work area in your home for every day life. You don’t need an entire room to create an efficient office area or work space! My office space is in my dining room! Sometimes you have to get creative to find solutions for your needs using what you’ve already got.

I have created a straight-forward infographic to show you how you can easily put together your own work or office area in your home. Find some dedicated space on a wall, in your bedroom, guest room, or even your dining room (like in my case)!

Think about what you truly need in this space based on what you are using it for. Some basic common items that most people will find beneficial are:

1. Desk – If possible, opt for one with drawers or shelves for built-in storage for organizing and tucking items out of view.

2. Chair – Comfort is key! If you spend a lot of time seated select a chair that takes ergonomics into consideration.

3. Lamp – Task lighting is a must! A lamp will illuminate your space, which is helpful when working in the evening or night time, and/or even darker, gloomier days.

4. Shelving – Floating shelves not only look chic and streamlined, but provide additional space for storage and organization.

5. Storage Containers – Containers are a great way to organize plus they hide items that you may not want visible on your desk or open shelving.

6. Minimal Décor – It’s natural to want your space to look beautiful, so adding a piece of art and a potted plant or vase with flowers will give your space a nice aesthetic and inspire you while you work!

You may already have many of these items, and a little reconfiguring and organization can go a long way. If you are starting from scratch, check out your local thrift stores and online market place as they offer great and inexpensive options for desks, chairs, and shelving. Creating an efficient office does not have to break the bank!

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If you need help putting together a home office or work space, I can help! You can contact me here, email me at or reach out on Instagram to connect - I would love to hear from you and share more about my services!

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