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New Services: Short-Term Rental Styling!

Short-Term Rental PEI

Hello! I debated on whether I would start a blog for my business or not. I put the idea off for awhile, as I have been focused on laying the groundwork and foundation for Bliss Home Interiors (it’s a lot of work y’all!). In the end, I feel like I have so many thoughts and ideas to share that it really didn’t make sense to not have one.

My first blog post went live earlier this week, and it was so satisfying to get that out! I have a lot more to share, and I’m really excited to have a better outlet to do that. It’s truly been a dream pursuing this thing. I’m not going to lie; small business is HARD. Getting exposure and your name out in the community, plus working to develop a relationship of trust with potential clients is constant work. It has been a labour of love and I am here for it. I am committed to pushing forward not just for me, but because I truly want to provide quality services, and connect with the great people in my community while doing that.

With that said, I have been spending a lot of time on my professional development and training. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and really trying to focus in on what niche of decorating and design that truly appeals to me, and that I feel that I can make a positive impact in. I’m honing my skills, and learning SO much through this process. In addition to my Interior Decorating and Home Staging Certifications, I am so pumped to share that I am now a certified Short-Term Rental Stylist (yay)! What does this mean? I have completed training to help short term rental (STR) investors and hosts elevate their properties to appeal to their ideal target guest, and stand out from the competition.

Short-Term Rental PEI